The Ultimate Foundation Test

Finding the perfect foundation can be a battle. Rest assured girls, because Jessica Twist is doing the hard work for you!

Will it give me oil breakouts?  Will I realise halfway through the day I look like a satsuma?  Does it last all day?

Every girl’s mission is to find that perfect foundation, which can be pretty hard on a student budget.

Finding  that foundation isn’t as simple as it sounds – we all have that tick list when a new one hits the market.

MAC Studio Tech Foundation

mac cover

A tri-system blend of water, emollients and powder allow the foundation to glide on to the skin giving the skin full range coverage.

mac collage.jpg

MAC is great, however if you’re going to apply bronzer on top, go a shade lighter – the darker shade looks heavier on the skin.

It’s inevitable, all students love a good MAC product.  BUT, there’s one problem with this one girls… for £24 it doesn’t last long!

Wear this foundation every day to uni and it will be gone before you know it. This foundation is a perfect size to fin in a clutch, brilliant for a night out!


Bobbi Brown – Moisture Rich Foundation


£30 is pricey but for one of Bobbi Brown’s brilliant foundations it is money well spent.

The moisture rich foundation has a unique smell to it and those with dry/normal skin will definitely love this foundation.

bb collage.jpg

However, this foundation can look quite orange, which means it’s kind of perfect for a night out…  Even the Ocean sweatbox won’t put a dent in it.

One coat is perfect, but be careful – we wouldn’t want you looking like a pumpkin when it’s not quite Halloween.

Rimmel Match Foundation


For only £6.99 this foundation is a brilliant buy for students.

Match Perfection has coverage similar to MAC’s – the only real difference is that after applying Math Perfection, your wallet doesn’t hurt.


This foundation really works with a dusting of bronzer and some pink blusher over the top.

NARS Tinted Moisturiser


This foundation is great for those days when you are just heading to lectures but still want a great coverage – it gives the fresh and dewy finish but is not too heavy or greasy.


Tinted moisturizer is like a code word for fake tan, so don’t expect it to be sweat repellent.

For £27, it’s pretty pricey, but has the added bonus of being SPF 30.

Probably not the right thing to wear currently rain considering it’s basically expensive fake tan with sunscreen in it… Damn you October!

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are on the search for that perfect foundation and you are sure to find it!