The Hall of Pranks

The Tab commemorates some of the best Hall Pranks in history

There are some pranks that are just so brilliant that even the victim can’t help but applaud the son-of-a-gun, stone cold genius who executed it.

Despite the fact that your room is now covered in tin foil and your heart is filled with shame you are left in haze of admiration and awe.

Those are the kind of pranks worth doing; if you’re gonna do it, do it properly.

Award for the Best Simple Prank

Nominee 1: The Waterfall

All the name of recycling...kind of.

All the name of recycling…kind of.

Ah, the humble Waterfall.

Simply grab a load of bottles you have handy after a particularly successful pre-drinks and fill ‘em up, thus creating a watery bedlam.

Completely worth losing all 5p of your deposit. Guaranteed to cause all kinds of moderate inconvenience.

Can’t you taste the rebellion?

 Nominee 2: The Big Cover-up

'My room a now a spaceship, and I fucking love it!'

‘My room a is now a spaceship, and I fucking love it!’

A prank that’s all about timing and creativity.

Now is the time for you, and your unsuspecting hallmate’s room, to shine.

Note: Post-it notes, pictures of Anne Widdecombe in the nude and Christmas wrapping paper are all acceptable alternatives.

Nominee 3: Pissed Off


Completely undetectable in the wee hours of the morning.

For those who are not easily phased by bodily fluids – in short Ocean-goers.

A bit grim, but very easy to execute, and therefore a winner by default.

All you require is something see through; cling-film is our method of choice, but for the savvy student a plastic wallet will equally suffice.

Award for the Best Sophisticated Prank

Nominee 1: The Room Rearrange

Take heed wary pranker, the rearranging process may take some time; requires either a very trusting or slightly dopey (but loveable) hallmate.

Last years freshers in Sherwood Hall definitely had the right idea; in this epic video they shifted their hallmate’s whole room into Sherwood’s courtyard, even airing his dirty laundry.

Ok, I can’t confirm that it was dirty, but pants are definitely on display there. Bravo Sherwood freshers, bravo.


Nominee 2: The Unsuspecting BNOC


Thanks to the glorious printing-credit overlords over at Hallward, this one’s on them.

Someone use all your milk when you really fancied a brew after that Research Methods lecture?

Take sweet, sweet revenge and plaster their face all over campus: I have made you popular against your will, dairy pilfering prat, I think we all know who the real winner is here.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ‘Official’ Letter

I thought extra curricular activity was encouraged at Nottingham?

I thought extra curricular activity was encouraged at UoN?

The Official Letter is a real beauty of a prank. It’s daring yet classic and, like the gherkins on a Big Mac,  controversial.

The aim of this prank is embarrassment. The sheer terror on your flatmate’s face when they realise that Glen, the Hall warden, knows how much porn they watch will be enough to have you and your co-conspirators pissing yourselves with laughter.

This coupled with your target’s inevitable paranoia that the SCR gods are poised to strip them of their MacBook Pro, that box of Kleenex under their bed, along with their dignity, is sure to earn you the accolade of Pranking- Master-of-All.