Notts in GIFs: It’s Party Week

Lectures are easy, deadlines cease to exist as of yet and after some bedrest, recovery from freshers flu has been possible…. it’s PARTY WEEK.

Freshers’ flu is subsiding…

miley cyrus freshers flu

Lectures are still ‘introductory’

gangnam style

And deadlines are too far away to care about

breaking bad excited

It’s better than freshers week. It’s better than shark week. It’s PARTY WEEK

i want to go there

There’s so much time for activities!


Reading to prep for seminars?

seminar reading

The only thing we will be reading is Cocotang’s extensive cocktail list


Seven legged, Halloween and Bonfire Night are all within a month away

nasa mars

Shit’s about to get huge

elf will ferrel

Until you give yourself freshers flu all over again. Oh the shame.

kim kardashian crying