Nottingham named as the second most expensive city for Student Union bars.

Of the 20 most popular UK universities, Nottingham has the second most expensive SU bars.

This is according to’s annual ‘Price of a Pint Index’, which compares the cost of a round (a pint of lager, vodka and mixer and a glass of wine) in each student city.

The disheartening findings show Nottingham students have to fork out £7.73 for the round, compared to a meagre £5.80 at Bristol – supposedly the second most expensive student city.  It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Ulster students have to shell out £8.90.

If you dare to go, it’s all yours for £1.50 at Manchester Met...

If you dare to go, it’s all yours for £1.50 at Manchester Met…

London isn’t known for cheap boozing, but you can still get more beer for your buck at union bars than in Nottingham.  Even our cheapest pint at £2.50 tops the average UK student union price of £2.30.

Engineering students clearly have the deepest pockets, spending an impressive £299.97 in their union bar each month.  Meanwhile, the average UK student spends £157.68  – enough to get you 63 Carlsberg’s in Mooch!