How to seduce someone through the medium of dance

Put your best foot forward


With the new academic year kicking off, students are already hitting the clubs hard, fancy dress donned, with a Jägerbomb in each hand, ready to party the night away.

In preparation for you to get your groove on, we’ve spotted six dance move favourites you lot have tried and tested in the last year.

Point at a friend


The beans on toast of dance moves. It’s instinctive. It’s primal. The urge to point.

Spotted: One word: Wonderwall. Screaming “and after all” at your mate just isn’t as effective without the ‘Point at a Friend’.

Perpetrators: Every human ever. We’ve all been guilty of this dance move. Often preceded by a rather overexcited, cringe-inducing squeal of “this is OUR SONG!”

Slut drop


Kind of self explanatory. The ultimate in sultry moves.

Spotted:  A popular spot for the Slut Drop seems to be the platforms in The Forum. I suppose it is a good vantage point for the world to see your mad slut dropping skills.

Perpetrators:  I’ve seen quite a few people attempt the Slut Drop, only to be trapped due to their drunken state in a perpetual knee bend, sort of like a squatting crab. Sad stuff. Best performed in groups of four – one of your number is sure to make it out of the perpetual knee bend in order to help/ push over the others.

Emotional fist clench


Spotted: During cliché sad songs, that we all suspiciously know all the words to…examples include The Fray’s How to Save A life and whatever the latest track by Ed Sheeran is. Also often spotted during power ballads.

Perpetrators: Usually associated with the emotional drunk; the one who tells you how much they love you and how much they miss their cat and how much they miss their ex and how much they hate their ex.



One for end of night seduction.

Spotted: Around 2am when the herd has thinned and people are starting to get desperate, the cheeky grind will be seen.

Perpetrators: Lads/lasses out on the pull after a banter-filled, raunchy night with a fit lass/lad etc, etc.

Whole body convulsion


A move popularised by the Harlem Shake craze of Spring 2013. The what shake? I hear you cry. Yeah, we don’t remember much of it either. Ah, Baauer…poor bloke.

Spotted: When the DJ decides to spin some Skrillex (or any electronic or dubstep tune for that matter) it’s time to unleash your best whole body convulsion on the world.

Perpetrators: Really bloody smashed people.



Really just a ploy for raunchy Notts students to take their clothes off. You filthy lot.

Spotted: At Ocean mainly, but you’ll be hard pushed to find a club in Nottingham that doesn’t blast the Baywatch theme tune every now and then.