The Tab Talks To TeamBigBoy

The Tab speak to the man of the hour, Alfie Sawyer, a.k.a TeamBigBoy

After the ruckus in the Sky Lounge over some seat saving, TeamBigBoy decided it was time to reach out and give their side to the story. 

With the video seeming slightly random, many had sided with Jordan Silverstone, a.k.a the guy everyone hates. TeamBigBoy’s PR team decided to shed some light with their own version of events.

alfie 4

According to them the seat had been saved since nine a.m, and when nobody seemed to be turning up after two hours, 3rd year History student Alfie Sawyer, a.k.a BigBoy, sat down. When he was told by the guy everyone hates that these seats were being saved, he refuted the claim and sat down, despite the warning that his stuff would be moved.

“I then left for lunch at about two p.m, and it was clear at that point that his mates weren’t going to turn up. After a couple of minutes I got a text saying my stuff has moved, and it’s at that point that the video occurs.”

alfie 7

So does Alfie feel that he overreacted? “I feel completely justified and I’m extremely happy with what I did. There were so many other seats around that his friends could’ve sat in if they had turned up, so he was just being an idiot and proving a point.

“It annoys me that all these people commenting, calling me pathetic and a wanker, have no idea who I am or what happened and they think I’m in the wrong, when I’m clearly not.

“I was angry for twenty minutes but after that I was happy.”

alfie 3

When asked if he regretted the situation, Alfie replied, “Not at all. The only thing I’d change is that I didn’t mean everyone hated him personally, only people who save loads of seats for ages. I don’t really care what people think though.”

TeamBigBoy’s PR team then revealed how they embraced the nickname given to Alfie by the guy that everyone hates. Rumours have circulated of a boxing match between the two. Names have already been established for the pair: Wreck It Ralfie Sawyer vs. Jordan Silverstone Cold Steve Austin.

alfie tweet

“I’m only going to do it if it’s held at Raw and there is an entrance fee for charitable purposes, where all the money goes to buying me a pint and extra plug sockets for Hallward.”

TeamBigBoy would not comment on how long it would take for BigBoy to knock his opponent out. But further anticipation for the fight was added by the accusation that Alfie doesn’t even lift.

“I do. I bench about 500 kg and I can deadlift an Eddie Stobart.”