Library Etiquette

Sidney Korboe shows all you guys how to dress for Hallward! Quick, easy and on trend.

As you wake to the dance of sunrays through your cheap accommodation curtains, a brief look outside the window confirms the arrival of the weather you acquired that gym membership for. Bu it’s exam season and the likelihood is you’re rather ill-prepared…

Just like you, thousands of others have come up with the unique idea of attending the library for arduous last-minute studying to sustain their academic happy place (the land of 2.1’s). With sneaky tactics like scattering books on desks to seat-save, empty spaces will become harder to find than a 34 regular in the Summer sales.

The less time you spend getting ready at home, the more time you have to enjoy running laps around the library looking for the perfect study spot; so keep your outfits simple. Here my top 3 choices:

You’ll be hard pushed to find another garment that can be worn with the same ease as a standard sweater.   Team with a mid-wash jean and some Converses and you’ll be ready to leave the house in under ten 10minutes, increasing all chances of securing that much sought after library seat.

seyi 1

A fully unbuttoned shirt provides a look of dishevelment; something people will only assume has come about as a result of non-stop studying. This look is best suited for those who like others to think of them as studious. As you power walk to the library and your opened shirt blows uncontrollably in the wind, they may not tell you in words, but they’ll think it – “wow, he’s so committed to the library he didn’t even stop to button up!”

seyi 2

Nothing says ‘I’m stressed with exams and don’t want to talk about how revision’s going’ than all black (with a spot of grey). In an ideal world the majority black outfit will act as a talking deterrent, signaling to talkative course mates to avoid all conversation for fear of having your revision woes offloaded onto them.

seyi 3

Heed this advice and you may even get a seat with a plug socket! Then after an hour or so of procrastinating by way of Facebook, you’ll be free to cram, cry, then panic – all in that order!

Model – Seyi Ajewole