Original Flavour x The Tab

Looking for an end of term blow out? Or some well priced t-shirts? Look no further.

Looking for an alternative end of exam blowout to your standard Ocean or Crisis?

Original Flavour, the brain child of 2nd year students Marcus Drew, Sid Varma and Tim Garcia, returns for their second installment on June 5th at the Lacehouse, with the likes of Zed Bias, Chunky, Taches and John Bear .

Since hosting Marcus Nasty back in March, the Original Flavour boys have expanded into the realms of fashion with a brand new range of boys and girls t shirts, that will set you back a mere five pounds.

IMG_0875 edit IMG_0884 edit IMG_0892 edit IMG_0895 edit IMG_0899 edit

Check out the website for how to buy any merchandise.

Early bird tickets have now sold out for the event, but you can still grab them for £8.50 in the next round. Keep your eyes peeled for our collaboration competition this week, for the chance to win merchandise and a bar tab.


Aggie and Ania