T-R-E-N-T. Look Like A Twat On MTV

Four Trent Students battle it out to become MTV Student Of The Year

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In their quest to embarass themselves even further, four students at Nottingham Trent University have applied to become MTV student of the year.

Sophie Judkins, Georgie Rose Pratt, Laura B and Stacey Pereira all recorded their own home videos to win a host of prizes, including a three month paid placement at MTV HQ.

While you’re sitting revising for finals, four Trent hopefuls have made some highly cringeworthy videos for your procrastination.



Both Georgie and Sophie have made it onto the final shortlist of the twenty most promising students. Should they receive enough votes to make it into the top five, they’ll be judged on how great of a university student by the NUS president, who didn’t go to uni.

"Work hard, play hard and a bit of a dork"

Sophie compares herself to an apple, because she has “core values”

So if you feel like lending them a helping hand, slamming your head on a table or if you need that special something to induce a pre-exam chunder, check out Sophie’s Fresh Prince inspired rap or Georgie’s display of the contents of her wardrobe.

We promise you’ll be glad you’re in Hallward after watching this.