Ring The Alarm: IT Systems Crash Again

Fire alarm causes havoc with University systems

University computer systems crashed again today to top off a year that has seen several IT cock-ups, including results day-gate and the grad ball fiasco, to name a few.

Now the techy geeks have really outdone themselves, as today has turned into another technological Armageddon, this time caused by a fire alarm on King’s Meadow Campus.

The security office revealed that an alarm went off this morning causing a power outage, but that systems were slowly getting back to normal. The University communications team later confirmed this could be part of the problem.

Many students in Hallward have experienced a meltdown with internet, printers, uni emails and moodle all being affected. And to top it off aleph, the university library system, also went down.

Heard in Hallward

The crash has caused widespread dismay, as no submissions can me made electronically and no lecturers can be contacted.

Rumours circulated on ‘Heard in Hallward’ suggesting that it was a rogue JCB from the tram works that has caused havoc with your exam preparations, although it can now be confirmed that all diggers are innocent.



The question remains, that how have incidents happening on Kings Meadow Campus resulted in carnage for all UoN students, whether they’re working from the comfort of their homes or in Hallward?


KMC in relation to Hallward

KMC in relation to Hallward

A statement from the University said:

“We’re currently experiencing a major outage of a wide range of University systems. Unfortunately Moodle is affected by this. Colleagues are working to restore services as soon as possible. We do not have an estimation of when service will be restored. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.”

You will have never been here

You will have never been here

When will the university learn that it’s not wise to put all of their technological eggs in one basket.

We want your stories, how is this fandango hindering your exam prep?