Girl Power Fights Back: The Great Page 3 Debate

After Rob Moher’s valiant defence of page 3, girl power fights back.

Is Page 3 disguised sexism or is it, as Robert Moher argued, a progressive frontier of individual freedom?  Who knows? Who cares? It’s just boobs at the end of the day and they chose to be up there right?


On the face of it, women can earn money doing stuff that was once a taboo. We’ve also got the vote and we’re allowed out the house past 10pm but we’re still fighting sexism in it’s more subtle forms. Once women couldn’t speak at all. Now they can speak with their bodies. Progression?

Well actually no. Just because women are ‘allowed’ (and in many cases encouraged) to pose on Page 3 it doesn’t mean it’s a sign of their liberation.


Keeley here is saving the world from climate change with her body…. apparently

Men simply, aren’t sexually objectified in the same way or to the extent women are. If The Sun replaced the chicks with dicks, the streets would be littered with men who suffered from a shock induced heart attack.

Further, taking Rob’s obvious man crush on Beckham, our football superstar is modelling for Calvin Klein or whoever BECAUSE he has proved his talents on the pitch. Respected athlete first, model second. These girls are being credited solely on their hot naked bods, any personality is insignificant.


Sexey Becks?

These girls are making money at the end of the day so joke’s on me. Maybe so, but the perpetual effect of men’s reactions to Page 3 isn’t as hilarious; “I would put my **** in her *****. She ******* wants it.” Brilliant.

These models want to be constantly sexualised because that’s what they’re offering! It’s what they’re paid for!

But what about female students who are trying to offer academic potential, sporting expertise or a convincing theater performance? Is it socially acceptable to sexually harass girls in clubs and talk about chicks’ ‘rape potential’?

Building on this, apart from Justin Bieber, isn’t porn the most googled search on the internet? Basically there’s not a shortage of this kind of material elsewhere. Conclusions? The premise of Page 3 is that men who read those papers are incapable of getting through the headlines without being sexually aroused.

In the end though I guess when there is a choice between girl guides and page 3, neither works.

Teaching girls talents like cooking, laying a table and sewing doesn’t exactly scream “girl power” so much as domestication and restricting a woman’s role to Motherhood. But these modern Sistas are getting more political: tackling knife crime and naked women.

If I had to choose, I’m badge collecting all the way.