Why Won’t The Women’s Network Accept Abortion Defeat?

Women’s Network tries to force pro-choice motion even after disastrous turn out at the ballot box.

Does anyone remember the pro choice referendum of a few days ago?

Of course not. Only 3.5% of students voted in it. That makes a grand total of 1421 votes, way below 3400 needed for it to become Union policy.

Was I surprised by this? Not at all. This was the most pointless motion and referendum ever and no one will want to have their say in a pointless vote.

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510 people voted against it, 809 people voted for it and 102 people abstained.

So how have the Women’s network reacted to this huge lack of faith in their policy? Well they’re going to take it to Student Council to try get it passed there…. again. It beggars belief that they haven’t learnt that no one wants this.  

Will this be an eternal cycle of council, referendum, council, referendum? Only just over 2% of the student population voted for the motion, made up mostly of the Women’s Network who were running the campaign. Nobody could ever claim this to be a mandate, more people voted for Batman as SU President than voted for the Pro Choice Motion.


Not content with democracy, the voice of the people or the fact that they only got slightly more yes votes than no, the Women’s Network are going to waste time and money yet again. Instead of concentrating on actually helping people, it seems members of the Women’s Network care more about a piece of paper that says that they can do what they already do.

The only outcome of this policy has been the alienation of individuals who don’t believe in pro choice but do not force their views upon others, from the apparently all welcoming and encompassing SU. This proves again that the SU is about as in touch with students’ opinion as Nick Clegg.

It seems there is a cliquey elite in the SU that rules (and I choose that word carefully as it is seemingly about some sort of meaningless power struggle) for itself. Not content with what students say, they’ll just be the judge and jury. It’s probably not just the Women’s Network, but it seems that the SU wants to govern all with the consent of nobody.

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So if you’re from the SU, don’t allow this stupid thing to continue any longer. The more it does, the more students will hate you. Do something more important for God’s sake. You’ve already really upset, to the point of tears, certain members of the student body, don’t disenfranchise anybody else.


Think the referendum was a good idea? Or do you agree with Elliot? Are the Women’s Network wasting everyone’s time and money? If you want to write a response to Elliot’ piece, get in touch at [email protected]