Karni go ‘Shot Crazy’

‘Disrespectful’ and toxic’. Did Karni reps go too far this time?

Karni reps from UoN racked up hundreds of pounds in damages during a weekend stay in an Edinburgh hostel. Boasting on Twitter, it was clear the students #didntgiveafuck.


The group have been given 50 hours unpaid community service in response to their behaviour. The new wave of Karni Freshers were mostly responsible.

A worker at Cowgate hostel told Impact magazine they’d ‘never seen behaviour like it’.

In true Karni style, damage was caused by reps throwing up on furniture after the usual excessive drinking. They also broke a window and spread toilet paper around the hostel. Nice.


Despite giving a warning to Karni, Cowgate hostel experienced not one but two nights of their behaviour. ‘They broke a window, they made a mess, they broke everything. It was not respectful to the cleaners who are paid to clear up all their shit’.

Karni culture was described to Impact as ‘dangerous and toxic’ by a student with close ties to Karni. He did also explain how Karni puts ‘time and energy into changing lives and inspiring others to do the same’. Surely Cowgate hostel agree…

The Twitter account set up for the tour by members of Karni for the weekend expressed how much the reps cared for their actions: