What a Scorcher!

Nottingham finally sees some sunshine but a day will make all the difference…

I’m sure everyone has noticed the change in the weather since being back at Uni, especially compared to the blizzard which we left it in.

It seems that summer has FINALLY arrived in a matter of days. Twitter feeds have been stacked with pictures of campus and constant weather related statuses.



Everyone seems to go mad when there is a glimpse of sunshine. And you can guarantee that in at least one seminar there will be that one person who says, ‘can we go outside?’


It seems hopeful that despite coming up to exams, there could be the somewhat ‘luxury’ of being able to revise outside rather than having no choice but to be stuck inside, or in the joy that is the Hallward Library.


But just as you thought exam season couldn’t get any worse, the Met Office has warned that the weather’s turning for the worst and the sun isn’t staying around much longer. So get those pasty legs and cobweb ridden sunglasses out before it is too late.


Some areas already woke up to rain and low temperatures today. Nottingham should hold onto the sun until Sunday when unfortunately the brollies will be back!w6