Grad Ball Ache

Congradulations – the Uni drops the ball in yet another tech error

Students waking up early to buy their tickets for the biggest party of their degrees were greeted with the disturbingly familiar sight of another IT cock-up.

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Spaces at the Ball will be limited, meaning not every final year student will get to go. As a result, many students have spent the morning trying unsuccessfully to secure tickets. 

After the exam results fiasco in February, the latest departmental blunder has provoked angry reactions from students on Twitter and Facebook. Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.40.37 Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.41.32

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The University and SU have apologised for the problems. The SU activities officer, Michelle McLoughlin has also offered her apologies. Speaking to Impact Magazine, this morning, she claimed that the problems are “not as bad as last year”.

On the popular Facebook Group, Heard in Hallward, McLoughlin offered further explanation: “The university portal has gone down. Not because of the tickets, it’s just random. We have taken down the tickets atm so it’s fair and once the system is up ( will hopefully be in half an hour) we will put them back up.”

The statement only provoked further reaction from disgruntled Grad Ballers, leading frustrated student Joe Hesford to comment: “Jesus Christ you couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewary” [sic]

grab ball 1

Some have labeled the criticism of the university’s IT provisions as unfair. Another Nottingham Student Naomi Leece commented: “Why are people getting rude for? as annoying as it is that it isn’t on time problems happen that cant be helped remember no one or nothing is perfect so just deal with it!”

grab ball 2

Technical problems persist after the rush for tickets has also caused problems for all students logging into the Portal. The University has promised that the problems will be addressed and that the tickets will be available as soon as possible.

After there were similar problems with Grad Ball tickets last year, The Tab asks why the Uni has failed to take measures to correct the problem. Can it be so difficult to get this right?