Loved Lothario: Prince Harry comes to Nottingham

He is Britain’s most eligible Bachelor and all round cheeky chappie and he is coming to see you!

Britain’s rogue royal, Prince Harry is descending on our humble city tomorrow. The Prince will visit the city centre, Old Basford and St Ann’s in a new attempt to inspire the younger generation.

Prince Harry has never frequented Nottingham before.

This Royal is a far cry from any other. Frequently seen hitting London’s exclusive nightclubs, he has admitted to underage consumption of a wide array of substances but….

harry 2

…that’s kind of why we love him.

The cheeky chappie of the royals has been a constant interest to the media and public alike. His antics include a few very suspect naked photos taken in Vegas as well as a string of love affairs with young blondes.

Despite his rebellious ways he has proved himself to be an asset in boosting the image of the Royal family, as well as being a part of the British armed forces. This sought after redhead is worth over £28 million and loves constant travel. No wonder the ladies adore him.

harry 3

Get yourselves down to Notts city centre tomorrow and see what the young Prince gets up to!