Lenting My Frustration: The Reunion

It’s over. You can finally get back to normal.

Usually Easter is a fairly uneventful holiday. Nothing really rests on the Sunday other than a nice bit of chocolate and a rather tame roast dinner. But this year was different.

Easter Saturday felt like Christmas Eve. Tomorrow I could have Diet Coke once more. I was beyond excited. I didn’t sleep much and when I did my dreams were filled with bunnies showering me in the delicious beverage.


I actually waited a fair amount of time before I cracked open a can, not brushing my teeth with it like one friend suggested. To be honest, some anxiety was building; what if I didn’t like it any more? What if the time apart catalysed some kind of anaphylactic shock? Or worse, what if it was a complete anticlimax?

The anticipation builds….


As if. The reunion was as joyous as my dreams expected. I actually let out a quite embarrassing moan of relief that caused a few elderly relatives to stare.

I drank 5 cans over Easter Sunday, an impressive number. No side effects as of yet  other that the restoration of harmony and everything in the world seeming right again.

The reamins of my Easter; a headless hedgehog and an empty packet of Diet Coke

So what have I learnt?

1. NEVER underestimate your personal vice; though mine is fairly specific, I didn’t realise how much it was part of my daily routine.

2. LENT is fucking long.

3. WILLPOWER is easier to control than you think. I might try something less specific next year to test it even further!

4. PEPSI is no substitute for Diet Coke,

I hope you have enjoyed my diary and that it might inspire to kick one of your bad habits for a few weeks. Not saying I won’t return to my bad habit (I totally will) but it gave you all a laugh.