One Direction, Let Me Kiss You

Were you among the screaming teenagers, bored boyfriends or perturbed parents last night?

As many of you will be aware, One Direction came to Capital FM Arena last night.

I was one of the few who actually had tickets, tickets that had been bought a year ago! I was unsure of the whole event; my love for 1D hasn’t always been as strong as those who might faint at the mention of Harry or Zayn- I didn’t even know all of their names.

Sacrilege I hear you scream. But after last night however, I am officially converted.

Living the dream

Donned in our fake 1D tattoos and t-shirts, we were ready to go.

Walking into the arena, I have never felt so old. There were five of us and we were certainly the oldest there that were not accompanying children.  We were surrounded by teenage girls who think they’re much cooler than they actually are and within five minutes, I’d spotted:

the criers (no, 1D weren’t even on stage yet)

the boyfriends who had been dragged along and certainly weren’t loving life

and the parents who needed a glass of wine or too.

Then it all began…


If you have hearing problems, a 1D concert is not the place to be. Never have I ever heard so much high-pitched screaming, and I’ve even been to a Steps concert – when they were cool. You can imagine how this progressed when 1D actually came on stage. They kept having to adjust their ear pieces as the noise was so loud.

But oh my, I quickly picked up their names as I kept changing my mind as to who was my fav and I’d like to take home to my mum, or alternatively throw my ID at, just so they were aware I was of age – a girl can dream.

I was on the floor at a reasonable distance from the stage, but then, they came to the stage in the middle, they can’t have been more than 5 metres from me. I suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to touch them.

For someone who wasn’t a 1D poster kisser, this was completely new to me! Security however included some pretty big guys…

So close, yet so far

During the night they cracked out Shaggy’s, ‘It Wasn’t Me’ and Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. This helped the age situation. The parents were loving it, my lot and me were loving it, the kiddies didn’t have a clue.

But throughout the night 1D were also running around, jumping on each other and even attempting handstands, emphasis on attempting. 1D, you were up for a laugh, you’ve got it sussed, catering to all of your audiences.

So in conclusion, yep, I’m converted. I was jumping, singing, and ready to run at them. But now I can’t get their bloody songs out of my head. But at least I’ve managed to get the ‘I love 1D’ tattoo off my face! Liam if you’re reading this, you’ve got my number…

If you’d like to hear what the night actually sounded like, here’s a snippet of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

What Makes You Beautiful, or what makes you scream

Who wouldn’t you pick?