SU candidate in war of words

SU bods apologise for getting personal with Tom Van Wesseldine via twitter

A war of words has broken out between SU election candidates, with one branding fellow students “little flies who won’t fuck off.”

Just when you thought you could finally go online without seeing a campaign poster, Twitter was overrun by mudslinging and low-level clashes.

When Ellie McWilliam was crowned SU Pres, student Duncan Davis took to Twitter to call former candidate Tom Van Wesseldine an “oil baron.”

Tom’s enraged campaign team hit back, telling Duncan to:

• “Grow up”
• “Get a grip”
• “Sort yourself out”

Although Tom initially resisted blasting Duncan online, he eventually gave in.

And Temper Tom certainly didn’t hold back, branding his e-enemies:

• “Key board warriors”
• “Cretins”
• “Like little flies who won’t fuck off”

But Tom’s tweet angered student and SU top brass Matt Buck.

The vicious outbursts are thought to be a result of a maverick election rule change, which saw the Guild REFUSE to get involved with social media campaigns.

Although all parties involved have since apologised, an election committee spokesman described the slackened rules as “ridiculous.”

“It hasn’t helped anything… it’s just caused a lot of problems and a lot of petty complaining,” he added.

“If candidates are faced with abuse like we’ve received this year then they won’t run, and there’ll be less votes,” Tom told The Tab. “We need more protection.”

Duncan and Matt refused to comment.