My Hour With… Chat Roulette

TALLULAH DYER enters the weird world of webcams…

Much to my dismay chat roulette was not the same as it once was in my younger 18 year old days when all you had to do was say ‘show me your penis’ and wham bam there it was.

No, no, no this is not how chat roulette goes these days due to a 40 minute ban if you’re caught indecently exposing yourself.

However, what I did see instead was far more disturbing… the clientele were mostly prepubescent Justin Bieber lookalikes with voices like little girls and raging hormones left right and centre.

When questioned about why one young lad wasn’t outside kicking a football around like other kids his age, I got the blunt reply of ‘show me your tits’. To this I asked ‘What would your mother say if she knew you were on here?’ and again the reply was ‘show me your tits’. A similar encounter didn’t end so well…

I decided his answers to my questions weren’t entirely truthful and therefore hit the ‘next’ button as things were going nowhere.

However things didn’t get much better. The last thing I expected was a Brazilian couple flaunting their new born…

Deciding that chat roulette was not for me, I turned to a similar site to look for a conversation with a more mature man. Despite the warning the web address, ‘’, should have given me that chatting wasn’t really on the cards, I created my profile and sat eagerly awaiting a titillating conversation with some charming chappy.

There I was, conversation cue cards in front of me, hoping to wow some lucky man with my cleverly constructed witty quips… I was savvy enough to realize that a spin-off chat roulette site might be a bit risqué so had erred on the side of vulgar slap stick humour as opposed to my usual knock knock jokes.

But no amount of cue card writing, teeth flossing or joke rehearsing could have prepared me for the sights I saw on this filthy ‘chat’ site. ‘’ felt a lot more like the old chat roulette, with dirty old men and raging hard-ons awry.

While I was shocked to see a man with a wedding ring clearly displayed on his finger I was far less horrified by the images I saw on this site. This is where you’ll find the more run-of-the-mill penis in your face as opposed to the saddening mis-spent youths I encountered on the once entertaining ‘chat roulette’.

So.. this was my experience of chat roulette.. but maybe I was just unlucky… or lucky, depending on how you want to see it.