‘Spotted’ at the Coco Tang Fashion Show

Check out Coco-Tang’s student run fashion show…

When we turned up at Fashion Society’s annual fashion show at Coco Tang, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Occasionally, student-run events are slightly unprofessional, but the ‘Through The Looking Glass’ themed show ran smoothly and was both beautiful and entrancing to watch.

The fusion of the cocktails, lacy lingerie and pumping music within Coco Tang’s industrial walls was definitely worth dressing up for! We took some photos of the fashion show itself so you can drool over the models (we certainly did) and also some of the well-dressed guests.

Coco Tang never fails to impress when it comes to showcasing everyone’s favourite evening trends!

Check out the amazing makeup and purple eyelashes!

Spot the brand! Both Levi and ‘Pour Les Garçons’ showcased their clothing at the show

Everyone was very impressed with how confident and brave these gorgeous models were!


Spotted! Tab model Oli Lacey

We then headed to the ladies’ bathroom: the place to check out unique styles and trends

Laura, 1st year studying Modern Languages and Business Studies
Dress: Topshop

Hollie, 1st year Psychology Student
Dress: New Look

We asked these two ladies what they thought of the show, “Really creative and very well put together. We thought the girls were really brave and confident and the boys were fit!”

Kate 1st year Bussiness Studies student
Top: Topshop
Blazer: Zara

‘I really enjoyed it the show, but it could have been a little bit longer’

Lottie, 1st year Architectural Engineering student
Pencil skirt: Zara

“‘I came half way through, but what I saw was great. My favourite part was the pretty dresses at the end. I love an excuse to dress up”

Tassy, English and Art History Student
Coat: Topshop

‘I thought the show was really good, the navy Coast dress was my favourite’

Kezia, 2nd year Humanities student
Belt: River Island

‘I loved the makeup and the clothes were quite diverse, something I’d see myself in’

Henrietta, 4th year French and Management Student
Jacket: Topshop

‘I liked the girls clothes and thought the underwear was really nice too’

Amelia 1st year Medcine Student
Dress: Topshop Unique

‘The first and last collections were my favourite. I also thought the make-up was amazing’


Photographer: Ashiana Pradhan

Style Spotters: Pippa Mead and Ashiana Pradhan

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