Varsity Hockey: ‘Bring It On!’

Ollie Taylor and Jenny Bradley talk to the Tab about smashing Trent

Without doubt, confidence is riding sky high in both UoN hockey camps for today’s varsity clash.

With nine games to play across both genders, men’s star Ollie Taylor was keen to stress that a ‘complete whitewash is definitely being talked about’.

After an unfortunate defeat to Birmingham from penalty flicks in the BUCS Cup semi-finals, Taylor is desperate his team ‘do not repeat the same silly mistakes’ against Trent. With a handful of players who represent Great Britain at international level, he hopes that their ‘quality’ will shine through.

Despite his confidence, Taylor admitted that, whatever the outcome, it was going to be ‘an emotional occasion’. As a third year economics student, this will be his final chance to stick it our Trent rivals:

‘Without doubt, it’s been a huge part of my time at University. I’ve worked my way up from being 5thXI captain in my first year and enjoyed every second of it. Although I hope to continue playing hockey after I leave Uni, it will be emotional when I finish at Nottingham’

Similarly, women’s president Jenny Bradley claimed ‘it’s looking optimistic’:

‘We’re in the league above and have won the last few Varsity matches against them, so you’d have to say we were the favourites… we’ve not played Trent this year, but our 2s have. They play in the league below us and drew both fixtures.’

Just like their male counterparts, Bradley’s team were cruelly knocked out of the BUCS Cup on penalty flicks and admitted there may be ‘a few nerves’ when faced with the expected 1,000-plus crowd on Friday evening:

‘We’re not used to playing in front of a crowd so a few might be a bit nervous. I don’t think the pressure will get to us though. If anything I think a bit of pressure will make us play better


With goals, entertainment and plenty of UoN wins guaranteed, make sure you head down to Beeston Hockey Club tonight and get behind our team!