What’s your signature style on campus?

Are you more cutting edge or comfort-lead?


The Preppy look is one of sailor colours and simple yet elegant apparel. Very Made in Chelsea!

The Mulberry handbag lays this look down as ‘preppy’. The warm beige against the navy of her scarf is true to the colour palette of a more sophisticated look. All she needs is a blazer to go with it!

Fashion forward

You are fashion forward! Always coming up with new ways to make your outfit unique. Continue on this way and you have a future in fashion!

Our very own Pippa Mead leads the way in this daring number. Tying the denim shirt is cowboy chic made more feminine by a pencil skirt. A fashion forward choice, which could become a big trend next month… Who knows?


Your style on campus is usually one that is put together 5 minutes before you leave.

Teaming leggings with a long sweater is an easy option for comfort and gives you a relaxed look, whilst still looking great. Roll-out-of-bed chic!

Casual yet Conscious

We reckon most of you will dress casually, but still be conscious of season trends.

With this look, you can pair a statement top with casual shoes and jeggings. Remember to accessorize with a long necklace. It looks effortless, yet still gives you an edge.