‘No More Street Drinking’ Say Notts Cops

Nottingham coppers have proposed a city-wide ban on street drinking.

Notts cops are calling for a city-wide ban on drinking on the streets.

Drinking is already banned in seven outdoor areas in Nottingham – including Sneinton and St Ann’s – but coppers are now getting even stricter by proposing a city-wide ban.

You won’t be able to drink here soon…

Laws that allow police to confiscate booze from rowdy members of the public are already in place all over Nottingham, but now our City Council wants to ban street drinking entirely.

City council leader Jon Collin said: “It’s not to say people can’t be trusted to drink responsibly but it is about setting the right sort of tone.”

“It’s about tackling a minority of people who drink to excess and drink in a way which brings all of us difficulties.”

Chief Superintendent Simon Nickless added: “Rather than waiting for the negative things to happen, [it’s about] being a bit more preventive.”

The proposition is due to be revised later in the year.