We’re Not Beliebers Anymore

Justin Bieber was an hour late to his Nottingham gig on Saturday, and snubbed those with meet and greet tickets.

He should have been met by tweens throwing themselves at his feet, but instead he was greeted by a wave of devastation.

When Justin Bieber announced plans to meet fans before his gig at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena, dedicated Beliebers forked out £330 to meet their idol. So imagine their disappointment, when the lovable rogue didn’t even show up.

Rip off

According to disappointed fans, J. Biebs arrived in Nottingham a full hour late – and only lasted 20 seconds with the hardcore fans who’d paid to meet him.

One mother, who bought meet and greet tickets for her daughter, described the scenes: “There were kids everywhere in floods of tears, not because they’d met him, but because it was over so quickly.”

“There was no apology or anything – I’m disgusted,” another let down mum added.

He made kids cry

Some children even had to be dragged home – in tears – before the teenage heartthrob got on stage, because it was past their bedtime.

Were you at the gig? Are you a Belieber? Will the crooner ever be welcome in Nottingham again? Let us know below.