Shit Nottingham

Landfill in Lenton

Rubbish and refuse are taking over our glorious city, and we’re not just talking about Trent.

Based on the iconic, ‘Shit London’, we bring you ‘Shit Nottingham’.

The Tab has compiled eight snapshots of Nottingham’s grimiest, dirtiest and frankly weirdest eyesores that don’t exactly add to the ambiance, especially when wandering around Lenton after a heavy night at Ocean.

Don’t be fooled by the sunshine, it only acts to throw Shit Nottingham into sharp relief, and illuminate the spoils in all their glory….

Nottingham’s most over-sized ashtray with the most ineffectual ‘no smoking’ sign

A bath tub promoting the opposite of cleanliness…

Nothing like some alfresco dining on Rothesay Avenue.

QMC. Centre of recovery, rejuvenation, and excessive nicotine intake.

There are a multitude of discarded mattresses in Nottingham. It’s like a dirty, city-wide fort.

No parking indeed.

The post office that is most definitely not a post office…

Courtesy of Louisa Clack, WHAT THE FUCK? is arguably the only appropriate reaction to that bad boy.

If you spy any prime examples of Shit Nottingham, please email your photo to [email protected]