Ladbrokes Looted

Lenton bookies targeted by unidentified male

It seems like Lenton is never crime free for long, as Ladbrokes on Lenton Boulevard was robbed at 9:58pm on Monday 25th February 2013.

An employee of Ladbrokes told the Tab that the robber hid in the toilets for two hours before committing the crime.

According to The Nottinghamshire Police website, the robber posed as a customer and is suspected to have entered the shop at around 7pm. He waited until a female employee was closing up before threatening her and fleeing with cash.

The person responsible has been identified as a black man, and he wore a black hooded top, dark jogging bottoms and black trainers with white stripes. The employee noted that he apparently also wore a balaclava and gloves when he left the toilets; leaving no prints to be traced back to him.

No one else was in the shop other than the girl he was working with who had been at the till. But there is still the uncertainty over whether or not the robber was caught on CCTV due to the positioning of the cameras in store.

This man has still not been identified, and the Police refused to give any further information.

Fortunately no one was injured.