IMS Round-Up: Horror injury at Grove Farm

No poem this week, we’re not sure our WORDS are WORTH it

After last week’s somewhat fractured iambic tetrameter, we take a clean break from poetry. Our rhythm was shattered after the horrific news broke that Archaeology’s debutant Steve O’Kane suffered a shock injury in their game against Architecture.

Archaeology & bones; there’s a pun here somewhere…

As well as disrupting Archaeology’s flow, the injury dug up old wounds as they lost 4-0. Architecture’s win gives them a solid platform to build upon and showed they have designs on winning the Saturday Div. 2 title this season.

Afro/CarribeanSoc were only at 50% as they got a 2:2 against ChemEng. The teams were in a state of equilibrium and the points were shared, leaving the Chemists in second place.

Elsewhere, Christian Union said C U next season to struggling LawSoc, who are now looking to get out of jail in their fight against the drop. After a staggering four losses on the bounce, the overwhelming evidence shows that the hammer has all but slammed down on their hopes of remaining in Div. 1.

Further down the leagues, Lincoln conceded Mount RushFOUR to BizSoc in a remarketable game that ended 4-3 to the businessmen. They Trumped their opponents, raising their stock and themselves to 2nd on the Div. 3 ladder.

FAGs bent over backwards but were defeated 3-1 by a creative English outfit. French and German’s aerial bombardment was resisted by a stout English blockade. In contrast to FAGs’ blitz, the English worked well in the Channels for their first win of the season.

JewSoc’s title hopes were snipped in the bud as they lost 6-2 to a rampant BioSoc side. In the last game of Sunday Second Division, Neuroscience’s mind-games backfired as History strolled to a 4-0 victory.

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A list of all the weekend’s football results can be found below:

Saturday Div 1

Afro/Carribean Soc 2 -2 ChemEng

Christian Union 9 – 0 LawSoc

HistorySoc 1 – 0 PostGrads

Raleigh Park 2 – 1 Physics

Saturday Div 2


Archaelogy 0 – 4 Architecture

PoliticsSoc vs PostGrads B WALKOVER TO POLITICS

Saturday Div 3

Lincoln 3 – 4 BizSoc

Newark Park Rangers 4 – 0 MBC & BBC

Sunday Div 1

St Peter’s 2 – 4 LawSoc

CypriotSoc 6 – 1 MechSoc

CivSoc 7 – 1 GeogSoc

Sunday Div 2

JewSoc 2 – 6 BioSoc A

History 4 – 0 Neuroscience

English Soc 3 – 1 FAGSoc