Jekyll and Hyde The Musical.

Fake blood, evil alter egos and sexy scenes… this is a musicality performance like no other.

Musicality’s new musical is bound to be a showstopper. After speaking to the cast, The Tab are bursting with excitement to see the show, with what will be a thrilling 2 hours, our eyes glued to the stage and lots and lots of fake blood.


Trying hard to contain their excitement and subtly bursting with pride at their concoction, The Tab spoke to Director Ren Burkardt, female lead Charlotte Harrison and stage manager Alice Kent about what to expect from the play.

So, Jekyll and Hyde the Musical, what’s it about?

Ren: It’s based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, but the musical goes way beyond that, taking lots of twists and turns from the original plot. Jekyll’s father’s ill in a mental hospital, and this has inspired him to attempt to separate good and evil, and as he can’t find a volunteer to test his ‘potion’, he decides to test it on himself….this leads to him adopting a very evil and dangerous alter ego, and he can’t control the changes between Jekyll (good) and Hyde (evil). There’s also a romantic element to it, and unlike the book the musical has some very feisty female characters adding romance and sexiness to it.


So in terms of how we’re going to feel, what can we expect from the play?

Ren: Lots of it is chilling and very haunting, but there is comic relief in there, especially in the character of Utterson, who is just fantastic. There’s also this epic love song in the beginning of the play that just makes everyone cry! Even the male cast members! So you’ll definitely feel an interesting mix of emotions.


What’s the music like? Will we recognize any of the songs?

Alice: They’re not things you would have heard before, I hadn’t heard any of them before, but literally within the first hour of rehearsals I had some of the songs stuck in my head going over and over again – the songs are so catchy and very well written so I wouldn’t be surprised if the audience come out singing!

How does it differ to other musicality performances?

Ren: Yeah it is pretty different, this is definitely more serious with a darker edge than what we’ve done before.

Alice: I also think this will appeal to people who don’t necessarily like musicals, because it’s not so happy clappy, American cliché, it’s much more brittle and real – I wouldn’t recommend it for children!


How have rehearsals been? Any disasters or bitch fights?!

Ren: No its been pretty straight forward! Everyone is just so friendly and welcoming which makes a massive different.

Alice: Everyone is so supportive in rehearsals, its not bitchy at all, we all really want each other to do well. It’s a very comfortable environment which makes it so much easier to work and keep calm!


Going away from Jekyll and Hyde for a moment, what would be your dream musical role?

Ren: I would LOVE to be Eponine from Les Mis – even directing that would be incredible.

Charlotte: Christine from Phantom of the Opera – that’s the dream!

Alice: I would love to be involved in a production of the producers – that’s a dream of mine – I’m thinking of proposing it for next year! Or Chicago!


Finally, why should our lovely tab readers come see it? Give me a final selling point.  

Ren: It’s a brilliant mix, there is some light relief and humorous moments, some real sexy scenes and some gritty confrontations then some beautiful love scenes as well! It’s literally everything. And you’ll really feel for the characters.

Charlotte: Why I love it so much is because everyone can relate to something – it’s brilliant theatre with some singing! Who wouldn’t like that! It’s also just a really beautiful story about human nature.

Alice: You’ve got to prepare yourself – I’m not gonna say exactly cause I don’t want to spoil it – but there are some brilliant scenes where you will be on the edge of your seat – I still get scared watching! It’s such a great story…and there’s so many murders!!!

Ren: We have a lot of fake blood and a lot of suspense. The first murder especially is incredible!

Alice: Everyone should really come see it, as you know what’s gonna happen? People who don’t come are gonna hear about it and gonna really regret it! I say I hope you’ll enjoy it, but I know you will – if you don’t then there’s something wrong with you!



The show will be on Weds 27th to Saturday 2nd next week at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Students can get tickets for £7. Follow the link to book your tickets – you’ll regret it if you don’t!