IMS round-up: 16th/17th February

The sports team get poetic on the beautiful game…

After being postponed due to adverse weather conditions, the Tab Sports Team™ presents this week’s IMS round-up with a poetic twist…

For all sides of Div two and three,

There were no games for us to see;

Groundsman Pete came up to say

“There’s snow chance you will play today.”


But fear not fans of IMS:

The Div 1 sides were put to test!

On Saturday the games numbered four;

The day of rest saw three more.


Against table-topping History,

Law’s defence was a mystery.

Their strikers sent them down with nine,

A poor defence, but how they shined!


Physics got their formula right

Those two goals were quite the sight.

Afro/Carribean did score one,

For this score-line, we have no pun.


What a fine week for legless lads,

Not just Oscar, but also Post-Grads!

Just like athlete Pistorious,

Those ageing men were victorious.


To defeat, ChemEng did react well;

For CU, the loss felt like hell.

Once again, it was 2-1,

But don’t worry, Saturday is done.


Sunday was a lovely morning,

CypriotSoc gave no warning.

Like their economy, they did strike

Sending GeogSoc on a hike.


Failing to build on their good run,

CivSoc lost to Law A 2-1.

A mixed weekend for the legal team,

Of the title, this side still dream.


For MechSoc and St. Peter’s, there was no score

Just like this poem, what a bore!

Last in the review is quite the shame

Both sides need to up their game.


We hope next week to see more games,

Allowing for more puns to be made

‘Cause let’s be honest, the rhymes weren’t great,

And sorry, regulars, for being so late.


For all your needs of IMS,

You must make sure that you don’t mess.

@TabNottsSport, we’re on the Twitter

So please follow us, and make Impact bitter.


Sunday Div 1

GeogSoc 1-6 Cypriot Soc

LawSoc 2-1 CivSoc

MechSoc 0-0 St. Peter’s

Saturday Div 1

LawSoc 0-9 History Soc

PhysicsSoc 2-1 Afro/CaribbeanSoc

PGSA 2-1 Raleigh Park

ChemEngSoc 2-1 Christian Union