Pointless SU Pro-Abortion Referendum

Why are the SU wasting their time and our money creating policies that have no effect on most students?

Earlier this month, Nottingham Uni SU put forward a referendum on whether the SU should ‘support the right to choose’ when it comes to abortion; a move I find absolutely disgusting.

It seems the SU – particularly the Women’s Network who pushed this idea – have finally reached the point of insanity based on a peculiar desire to have political policies that go against people’s right to freedom of speech in areas they have no need to get involved with.

I am appalled that the SU are wasting their time and our money on pursuing matters that they cannot hope to have any influence over. Are they planning to open up an abortion clinic in the Portland Building? Are the officers of SU keen to perform abortions? Of course not; what a waste!

It seems the SU have spent too long dreaming of some sort of revolution that will oust David Cameron and leave the SU as rulers of the UK. Or maybe they are so essential that Dave will make sure that government policy matches with the SU because, obviously, a group of less than 20 overpaid, highly political and unrepresentative students are the most influential group on Earth. This is, of course, total nonsense. So stop wasting our money! Do stuff for students; it’s in the job title ‘Students Union’.

Also, most of this policy document contains stuff about information and advice for women who are looking into abortions. Doesn’t the Women’s Network do this anyway, considering this sort of stuff is in their job description? It is shocking if they don’t. Is the Women’s Network so heartless that any girl wishing to know about abortions is turned away because they need an SU policy on abortion? I’d hope this is not the case.

The Abortion policy is thus a political attack on free speech by the SU. The policy states that they would show ‘counter demonstration to any groups which present a threat to women’s safety and/or intend to restrict reproductive rights’ (by which they mean they are pro-life campaigners).

This is a breach of freedom of speech which will affect many Nottingham University Students – such as members of the Catholic Society. It seems weird that the SU, who are supposed to represent all pupils, have decided that all speech is equal but some speech is more equal than others.

However, it’s surprised they have decided to do this; the SU have, without really making it public, created policies on the death penalty, banning coca-cola (but not Pepsi) for corporatism, gender neutral toilets and ethical banking. All these are not Student Issues and are highly political, something truly disgusting.

It seems slowly but surely the dark shadow of political bias is infiltrating UoN SU. So where will it stop? What’s preventing the SU from limiting freedom of speech in all sorts of areas, they have done in many of them.

Who knows where it will stop, the deluded SU may think itself parliament next by telling students what to think. They certainly will for societies in the SU. Will the Catholic society have to suffer demonstrations because of their belief on sanctity of life, the proposed policy would allow for it.

This referendum is a catastrophe; it should be stopped. The SU need to re-evaluate themselves as a student body; do they represent students or political groups that seemingly demand no freedom of expression but one union policy.

However, the SU is of course not going to listen. But, to those in the SU who have allowed this I say one word. RESIGN! Luckily, however, because there are still a few sane people left in the SU who have tried to limit this bonkers idea, we have a chance to say no.

No to the SU adopting a controversial policy on abortion! No to the SU becoming ever more involved in politics! And no to riding over free speech!

Have your say! Is the abortion referendum really an attack on free speech? Or are they just representing the general consensus of students? 

Is it important for our SU to speak out on contentious issues even if they don’t concern students? Or is this just a waste of time and money?

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