(noun) the intense physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of musical excitation.

With Valentines day almost upon us you may be thinking of ways to woo your significant other. Poundland candles will suffice for a bit of mood lighting, but have you considered the passion potential of classical music?


There are many misconceptions of those who listen to classical music. No we don’t all sit around and listen to Bach at predrinks, and we aren’t all locked in a practise room for 6 hours a day (and if we are I highly doubt it’s practise that is going on behind the closed doors…)


This article aims to show those who read it a few of the musgasm (musical orgasm) pieces that musos from around the country enjoy on a daily basis, and that may spice up your M&S two dine for £10 meal. 

Stravinsky, Firebird Suite

Those who have seen Fantasia will recognise this suite. It is quite long and the conductor in this performance certainly works up a sweat. To see what makes this piece so musgasmic skip to 43.00mins.

-Recommended by Jonathan Gibson, Manchester University, Music


Respighi, Pines of Rome

With cheeky birdsong at the end and lip-bitingly good moments throughout this tickles the pickle of many listeners.

-Recommended by Daniella Blackford, University of Nottingham, Music


Ravel, String Quartet no.2, Second Movement.

Although many string quartets will do nothing to set the mood for your evening, if you’re aiming for a light-hearted vibe this is the movement for you.

-Recommended by Lewis Lawrence, Exeter University, Law and European Studies





Strauss, Alpine Symphony

Ok, it’s an hour long but don’t let that deter you. At 3.16mins there is the first ‘oh my gosh’ moment of the piece, and they keep coming thick ‘n’ fast. Keep an ear out for the fruity low notes of the brass.

-Recommended by Stephen Kenny, University of Nottingham, Biophysical Nanotechnology PhD


Rachmaninov, Piano Concerto no,2, Second Movement

It’s just the most beautiful thing ever. If you’re going to profess your love to someone just whack this on in the background and let the music do the talking. Or, if you’re planning on making your special someone a CD (some say sad, I say cute) this is also very tender to end it with.

-Jonathan Gibson


This last piece is dedicated to those single ladies, just as empowering as Beyonce…


Elgar, Cello Concerto

So much passion in Jacqueline du Pre’s performance…one tough ole bird.

-Recommended by Sam Blade, University of Nottingham, Music

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