Big Clive on Campus

UoN grad Clive Tyldesley returns to campus to say some football pundits are as interesting as a rambling lecturer.

Veteran commentator and Notts alumnus Clive Tyldesley branded football pundits ‘rambling so-called experts’ in a speech to students.

In a question and answer session with budding journalists, Tyldesley likened one Sky Sports commentator to “a lecturer rambling on in technical terms and you’re just sitting there thinking ‘I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about here'”.

Tyldesley said the same commentator did not “appreciate how the product he’s commentating on is perceived by the general public”.

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As an ITV football commentator, Tyldesley has made his name presiding over eleven Champions League finals, five FA Cup finals and plenty of England internationals at both the European Championships and World Cups.

But it was at UoN that Tyldesley learnt his trade. He stayed in Hugh Stewart hall as a fresher in 1972 and graduated with a degree in economics and politics in 1975.

In a candid session yesterday, Tyldesley drew laughter from the audience as he claimed to have only one request: “no crap questions!”.

He reserved praise for regular ITV co-commentator Andy Townsend. He said: “[Andy’s] an ex-pro and has been down there and done it […] so he provides real specialist analysis.”

Tyldesley lamented the “cosiness” he believes is “rife” on the football pundits’ sofa. He said one set of “so-called experts spend their show wondering ‘what time are we going to tee-off in the morning?'”.

The commentator finished the hour with some solid advice on how to get into the media. He said: “Companies just want to know you care and understand and have an opinion of what we do.

“They need to see your commitment. If you can write, write; if you’re a broadcaster, broadcast; if you’re a singer, sing. Look over it again and perfect it. Then publish it. That gives you a chance.”