Tram Works Set To Disrupt Campus

The University’s decision to extend the Tram Link through Uni aggravates Music students.

You may have noticed a large amount of building work around campus; particularly if you are in and around the Music buildings. Blame the new tram link.

The University of Nottingham have agreed to let Nottingham Express Transport (NET) extend the tram route through University grounds. This will introduce two new stops on campus. Some have argued that tram links are not necessary at all.

The new route for the Tram Link

The building work is predicted to continue until the end of 2014, causing disturbance to the South entrance of the Uni and the music rooms where recitals and exams are held.

Amy Sugarman, a music student and a member of Mussoc is one of the many students already being affected by the new development. She said “Although many positives for trams can be listed I personally cannot see much point in the lines being extended. One thing I credit Nottingham on is their bus service – it is reliable and doesn’t break the bank. Adding trams seems unnecessary and I don’t know what it is going to add apart from noise and disruption.”

Just some of the building work already causing disruptions

Many students who spoke with The Tab share Amy’s concerns for the cost. How many of you even use the tram rather than the bus in town?

Amy expressed her understandable frustration with the disruption. “As a music student, the line is passing a few metres away from our department with construction noise already affecting lectures. I also can’t imagine it being a nice noise to have when studying in our library or when examined recitals are taking place.”

It’s questionable how far the effect of the noise and its impact on music students had been considered by those responsible for the new plans.

The building work will also affect access to Uni, increase traffic, and reduce car parking.

When the building work began last year, BBC news Nottingham reported that the extension would require 78 buildings to be demolished across the city and 50+ trees be removed around University Boulevard.

The latest update from Uni is that work affecting Beeston Road and Science Road will begin from Monday for 4 weeks.

The extension is being conducted by NET Tram Company rather than Uni, but whilst they are trying to minimise impact it is still a decision which will affect hundreds of students on campus. We’re the ones being affected, but it would seem few of us will benefit from the new routes.

Nicola Zablotny, a first year Pharmacy student said, “All the building work is chaotic and my friend doing music already says it is disrupting lectures and practicing time. One of the reasons I chose this campus was due to its greenery and the extension will ruin the landscape.”

Like Nicola a huge amount of students were attracted to Nottingham for its beautiful campus. It won’t simply be short-term disruption that is caused by the extension.

In Nicola’s opinion, “it seems a waste of money and personally I cannot see who will profit from the extension.”

So is it a good or a bad idea? And what do the students think; will they benefit? Share your views below.

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