Fancy a Shag?

Or acquriing a new STD or gazing in awe at neatly arranged pubic hair? Look no further.

I had honestly thought I had seen it all when it comes to student life. From a man throwing up while pissing himself, to a couple having sex on the back of a full bus, so I thought there was nothing more that could surprise me. Then along came

It’s a website that literally does what is says on the tin, providing “a space for students to get laid any night of the week and not have any of the strings attached with dating”. Set up by the young cupid, Tom Thurlow (pictured below), reports have suggested that the website has over 26,000 members and it has particularly been a hit at Oxford University.

Thomas Thurlow

Now maybe I am just a massive prude, but surely this has to be one step too far? Having sex in a club or accidentally shitting yourself isn’t acceptable, but at least passable for ‘student life’.  If you have that one night stand with the fattest guy or girl in the club why complain? You’re a student and stuff like this happens, right? University is the time to do those things you’d rather forget in later life whilst learning a thing or two.

Although having sex with someone you met online will never be part of the student experience. Firstly, who on earth actually needs to use the site? Ocean on a Friday night surely is enough if you’re feeling randy?

Furthermore, this is only encouraging those creeps in the night club who pinch every girl’s posterior because he has no courage to face women with some respect. Respect and good old fashioned romantic courting go completely out of the window.

It also opens a whole new can of worms that comes with meeting people online, AND better yet, the site offers you no assurance on whether (s)he actually goes to any university (let alone your own) or whether he’s STD/STI clean.

Conversely, Thurlow claims that ‘being a student is a rite of passage for a lot of young people in the UK, and with it, comes a lot of self-discovery and trying new things. A lot of students might not want to get involved in a serious relationship but meeting new partners for sex is something that can be done with no strings attached. And it’s a lot of fun.’

I however, still wasn’t convinced. So in the name of research set up an account. As such, I would like you to meet, the subtly named, Tab. Tab is a female (to escape the £5 charge for men to join) who is a wild, fun-loving kind of girl and is into anything going. She enjoys Ocean on a Friday night and being a licentious girl, she has a fantasy of having a one night stand in the DJ booth.

Tab is here for research unfortunately so she hasn’t made any contact to any of you other randy students and doesn’t have a picture. Yet we like to think though she’d look a little something like this:

We have a thing for brunettes at debates…

Upon setting up her account Tab found what can only be described as a sea of male phalluses, with the odd pair of breasts popping up every so often.

Wading through creepy picture after creepy picture, you begin to wonder if anyone on the site really is a student. You went from pictures of pierced scrotums to all shapes and sizes of male phalluses; the whole site just seemed to scream weird. Being lured in by pictures of only women on the front, right through to the ability to ‘wink’ at someone, the whole process is just wrong to the core.

Only girls on the front page but only male genitals for the rest of the site

Now if Tab was a real girl and not a figment of our imagination for when we get lonely, she would normally be up for anything. But looking at the shear horror and creepiness that fills that website, Tab was quick to leave.

Although I have an initial problem with online hook ups after Tab’s research, the manner in which this website carries it out, is simply disgusting.

It’s not the many sizes of male phalluses I witnessed nor the odd piercings or the neatly arranged pubic haircuts that I find off putting. In some case it was genuinely interesting that the human body could look like that. Instead the real horror of the website was the willingness of supposed students to expose themselves to a clear sea of creeps, god knows what diseases and dangers online hook ups can bring.

So unless you are interested in looking up styles for next pubic haircut I strongly advise you to stay way.

What do you think? Are online hook ups an acceptable part of student life? Are you on the website? Tell us of your experiences? Leave a comment a below!