Lecturer committed suicide after complaining of crack den next door

Suzanne Dow could not tolerate neighbours any longer

A Nottingham lecturer killed herself after telling the council she could not tolerate living next door a drug den, an inquest has heard.

Suzanne Dow, 33, lectured in French at the university but took her own life having ‘reached the limits of her tolerance’  with her neighbours of Derby Street, Beeston, and could no longer sleep.

She wrote to the council 11 times, detailing how she had been verbally threatened, witnessed drug use, dealing and even knife fights in her street.

The inquest hear how Dr. Dow took an overdose of pills and died October 3rd, just three weeks after her final letter.

The council failed the gifted linguist, according to Coroner Marin Casey, issuing only idle threats to the tenants of the drug den. They were named as Daryl Robinson, his sister Gaynor Robinson, and her son Liam Peach, who was given 28 days in a young offenders institute in 2011 for using threatening language against Dr. Dow.

Maureen Dow, Suzanne’s mother, told how her daughter ‘used to ring me in tears because she was too frightened to get to sleep,’ adding that  ‘no one should have to live in that situation. They let her down.’