808: Your Next Night Out?

Bored of the same old nights. Check out 808 for something original…

As the student population gets prepared to shut the textbooks and open the fridge, put away the coffee and get out the Glens, take off the slippers and put on the super-edgy t-shirts and boobtubes – get prepared for another term of wild nights.

Kicking off the Spring term and waking you up from your revision induced vegetable like state, The Tab caught up with James Pilkington, operator and founder of 808 – a night centred around the mantra of throwing a fresh and original party, acting as an exciting new alternative to the increasingly monotonous, pre-prescribed University night-out calendar.

So James, tell me a bit about yourself!

Well I’m 24 years old and I’m in my final year at Nottingham. I was born and brought up about 10 miles south of Manchester City centre and was fortunate enough to have access to Manchester’s vibrant music and arts culture.

Nice, so what led you to start your tailored up-and-coming night; the illustrious 808?

I’ve always found a release in music; it is a very powerful thing. It was during my year out that I really got into the music scene.

When I started in Nottingham there wasn’t the opportunity to go to the kind of night I really enjoy. My good friend Sam turned to me one day and said, ‘We could do something about this’.

Well the night is getting more and more recognition as a night to circle on the calendar- but was it hard to start your own night?

Well I wouldn’t say that setting it up was particularly difficult but at the same time I do not think that there is a set formula for success. We are lucky enough to know a lot of good people in Nottingham and their support has been invaluable.

We set it up, the people came and we had some great parties. I am delighted to say that it has been a pleasure more than a chore.

So how would you describe 808 as an experience? Where does it sit on the spectrum from ‘SWEET JESUS – I think I found myself that night’ to ‘wow- where have 5 hours of my life just gone…?’

It’s a difficult question because I’ve never been one to put ideas into people’s heads. Let’s just say that 808 brings people together to enjoy a night where you can talk to anyone and you leave with a smile on your face.

So how do you think 808 fits into the scene in Nottingham? Can its enticing sound be heard above the clamour of the standard Notts week out on the town?

Well we like to think that 808 has a prominent role in the Nottingham music scene, I mean we started out to bring something new and that very much remains the focus.

It has been great over the last year seeing the music scene in Nottingham take a few leaps forward. There are some killer parties going off right now and it’s right on our doorstep and I think that’s fantastic.

So what would you say to wrest people away from their questionable Hallward paninis and bring them out of the short-term loan blues?

I would strongly encourage them to join us. In Nottingham there is a pre-prescribed night out agenda that you get spoon fed in your first year; it is heavily drink orientated and you can spend a whole term here and feel like you’ve only been out to a handful of places.

I know that, in some circles, nights that play electronic dance music carry some form of stigma. It’s not like that and I’m sure that if you come with an open mind you’ll have a great time!


So why not try a different night out in a brand new venue? 808 is all about the crowd that it brings and the music it stands by. ‘808 presents: DJ W!ld, Ellis & King, Willow & Alex Lewis’ is being held at Breeze club on the 25 January. It promises to be big! And a night to remember.