No more period dramas

Notts boffins uncover secret to avoiding heavy period.

Ladies look this way: the Mirena Coil is the best treatment for heavy periods, according to a Notts study.

A two year clinical trial found the coil improved women’s periods, physical health, social life, work life and psychological health.

One student, Fatima, recently considered switching her contraception to the Mirena. She told The Tab: “The decision is now a no-brainer. The Mirena is fuss-free and clearly has more benefits than just contraception”.

It is hoped that the findings will encourage more women to use the Mirena rather than put up with heavy periods.

The Principal Investigator of the ECLIPSE trial, Joe Kai said: “The results are very positive news for women. We now know that treatments can be effective, and also what women should choose”.

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