Willougby Hall tree held at ransom

Grinches steal Christmas for C floor freshers

Freshers in Willoughby hall were left shocked and stunned when their Christmas tree was stolen as they lay sleeping. 

The residents of C floor of  woke up to find their prized fir in the early hours of Saturday morning

Four masked marauders posted a photo on the recently founded ‘Nottingham Unay Confessions’ page of their festive plunder, with a skull faced bandit holding a knife to the decorative star.

Users of the page questioned why the Christmas villain had a sharp knife in catered halls anyway.

The post was met with numerous likes whilst questions on the originality of the prank were asked.

Photos of another band of thieving freshers, disguised in hoods and sunglasses and armed with an array of weapons who had taken a mascot bear at ransom, quickly emerged. The health of the bear is yet unknown, nor is it clear if it has been returned to its rightful owner.

Yet in a dramatic twist the tenants of C floor have been given hope that they might see their beloved fir-ry friend again.

The kidnappers have released a ransom note, stating that they must “write and perform a song and post a video of it on the Willoughby hall freshers page by 12pm on the 12th of the 12th 2012.”

The note comes complete with tinsel and a small piece of the stolen tree.

This is the first heard from the culprit and their motive is still unknown. It is not yet clear whether the victims will negotiate with terrorists and meet the ransom.

In the meantime, they have improvised with a new DIY tree.


Do you know the whereabouts of the tree? Are you a Willoughby C floor fresher? Are you prepared to take one for the team to get the tree back? Or should they not negotiate with terrorists?