Adam Ant and The Good, the Mad and The Lovely Posse

Stuart Leslie Goddard, or Adam Ant as he is better known, returned to Nottingham’s Rock City after a long 30 years, with his new line up The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Posse.

Rock City was packed with mainly middle aged Goths waiting to see if their 80’s icon could make them feel 16 again.

However when Adam Ant stepped on stage he was trying to look like a 80s Vivienne Westwood model, instead he looked more like a haggard Jack Sparrow. It’s clear that he is still having a love affair with his new romantic post punk roots.

Unfortunately what followed was a thought-to-be-extinct 80’s rock show and a vulnerable performance from Stuart. He seemed to be unfocused.

He was trying to divorce himself from his stage persona, himself and what his fans want.

This also manifested in his onstage eye candy; glorified showgirl, Georgina Baillie. (The stripper that got Brand and Ross in trouble.) At least we know the body glitter industry won’t go into administration.

Beside this, the crowd loved him. He was gripping them with the old magic of Ant Music, reminding us of the amazing decade that was the 80s

Playing classic tunes such as Stand and Deliver, Dog Eat Dog, Desperate But Not Serious and Prince Charming.

Looking mighty fine…

If you went for a nostalgia experience then this night was perfect. However if you went for an artist, then don’t bother. 

His solo material was less an inspiring. Yet one member of the audience stated that, ‘if that was a film about Adam Ant, that would have been the ending credits. It was fantastic!’ I don’t think we saw the same show. Needless to say The Tab won’t be rushing out to buy his new album.


Adam Ant and The Good, the Mad and The Lovely Posse album is due for release in the new year.