Are we nuts about NUTS?

Professional and well funded, but who watches it?

If you’ve come for a display of nudity, football gossip and general ‘lad banter’ then I’m sorry to disappoint. This article is about the unending awkwardness that makes up the University of Nottingham’s very own television station: NUTS.

NUTS produces content for a variety of sections including Culture, Entertainment, News, Features and Sport. It also provides coverage of all the big events on campus, from Varsity right through to Week One.

It has also surprisingly won awards for light entertainment, live programming, technical achievement, sport coverage, and station marketing.

On appearance the student run service looks to be rather professional, with its own website, cameras and video editing software, although hiccups with their Week One coverage let them down: the missing end of the adventures of a drunk Tarzan on the Wednesday and being left to struggle to hear flair soc on the Monday coverage.

BUT NOBODY WATCHES IT. All the money given to the NUTS team is utterly wasted, making it one very well glossed, money sucking black hole.  I challenge you right now to try and recollect the last time you watched a NUTS show? I am still yet to meet someone who has watched a NUTS program more than once without being involved in the organisation.

It does not stop here though. As I trawled through countless episodes of ‘campus cupid’ and ‘the minute’, I was just left sitting there feeling exceedingly awkward for the presenters. As a viewer, we are effectively presented with first class quality awkwardness and wondering why your money has to be used for a set of presenters who clearly look as if they want to be anywhere else but in front of a camera.

Take their Monday coverage of Week One where they stalked a poor fresher to her room, or their recent production on the Police and Crimes commissioner. None of it makes easy viewing.

But this isn’t the half of it. After talking to several people about NUTS, one source was quick to comment that the team was “very cliquey“.  The source went on to say that getting involved fully with NUTS is very difficult if you’re not accepted by the clique.  So beyond the fact that nobody watches NUTS, it now seems to be a very exclusive, certain member’s only club.

Truth be told, I am not against us having a television service for the University. If that’s the sort of thing enough students want to get involved in and will watch, then the money is obviously justified. My problem is the simple fact that I am yet to find a student who has watched the channel more than once.

At the moment, the station ceases to be anything but a dreadful waste of student money that could be put to better use. Unless they get back on track and target students in an effective and innovative way, it seems nobody is nuts about NUTS.


What do you think? Should we continue to fund an “under performing” service or does NUTS fulfill a useful role? Leave a comment and let us know.

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