Ed’s sexy brother comes to Coates!

David Miliband took questions today in the Coates auditorium but how much does he know about us?

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Leading Labour politician shows off his common touch. Still, he couldn’t tell you the price of a Jaegerbomb. . .

Double dip recession, international politics and the greatest injustice of our time – the cost of student parking permits in Nottingham – David Miliband answered the questions of all comers in a no-holds-barred, 75 minute mano a mano with the student masses.

David takes a stand on parking permits…

The Coates Road Auditorium was packed out with over 500 Nottingham Uni students at 1pm today to take part in a Q and A session with the former Foreign Secretary and potential future Labour Leader. Without bodyguards or an entourage and after a bit of an awkward start, David got into his stride, long legged and looking good with a distinguished shock of white in his jet black hair.

“Doesn’t he look fit in that suit”, cooed one star-struck member of the audience. “He’s got such a nice smile”, blurted another from a few rows back. Professor Philip Cowley hosted, asking questions of his own before picking out the lucky few students to receive the microphone. Miliband commented: “I rather think the professor is enjoying his chance to be David Dimbleby for the afternoon.” The jibe met with titters; Cowley hung his head in reflection.

Miliband was all Cheshire Cat smiles as he handled questions from the easy to the downright rude. Cowley asked at one point: “Have you ever considered going on I’m A Celebrity?” referring to the show’s habit of booking out-of-work politicians. Miliband replied coolly by saying he’d rather be connecting with real people than bugs, beetles and Ant & Dec. He was unable to comment on how awkward Christmas can be in the Miliband household.

The better brother or the Fonz?

However he evaded questions on the political struggle with his brother and the Labour party leadership, refusing to comment on future plans. He also struggled to answer the righteous anger of the student afflicted by unfair parking permit fees. Despite this disturbing lack of knowledge of our parking regulations, many in the audience left with the impression of a genuinely smart and charismatic politician.

“He’s well better than Ed”, opined one. “I don’t get why he’s not Leader already!”

David Miliband is MP for South Shields and served in the Labour government as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Thanks to Troy Edige for the great snaps.