We’ve probably all heard at least something about it. One of those news stories you quickly go over as you procrastinate or think maybe I should take more interest but […]

We’ve probably all heard at least something about it. One of those news stories you quickly go over as you procrastinate or think maybe I should take more interest but I just don’t care.

36 years with Nottinghamshire Police…Malcolm Spencer

Realistically nothing will probably change. Crimes against student will continue to happen and Lenton will continue to be ignored, BUT for the very very small majority of you who will vote on Thursday, The Tab has done some light digging for you and recommends you vote for Malcolm Spencer.  Here’s why.

All the candidates offer a wide range of polices and if you’re interested it’s all made very clear on here: http://www.choosemypcc.org.uk/. However, we have assumed that the only thing you’re giving a dam about is that you don’t get robbed over Christmas or attacked on that drunk walk back from Crisis, so we selected our man on this basis.

If its experience you’re going for then our man Malcolm wins by a landslide. Mr Tipping the Labour candidate was a former MP and as far as we can work out has never made an arrest or been in uniform in his life… hardly qualified. The same can be said for the Conservative candidate Tony Roberts. Dr Raj Chandran comes a close second. A former Police force Surgeon, here’s a man who might actually know what he’s talking about.

However! Malcolm has an unrivalled 36 years of working with Nottinghamshire Police which we reckon makes him the most qualified.

On the other-hand your probably not bothered at all about experience, after all there not the ones actually catching the bad guys just saying ‘go fetch’ really.

So maybe we might be more concerned about getting robbed. Unfortunately none of them have a specific policy detailing what they’ll do about this. Instead we can be left guessing what clichés like ‘ensure value for money is provided’ and ‘listening to you surgeries’ actually entail.

If we had to make a decision on the matter then maybe Dr Chandran and Mr Tipping come out on top. They think they can get more police on the beat, and have been specific about numbers, to deter any crime but with cuts all we can say is good luck.

Dr Raj Chandran

If you’ve read this far then maybe you might actually go and vote. So you’re probably wondering what any of them can do for that homeward stumble from a night out.

Well the answers, as it always is in politics, are full of meaningless statements. My favourite comes from Mr Tipping. He argues he can cut ant-social behaviour by 50%. All very well saying so but nowhere does he tell us how.  Dr Chandran and Mr Tipping have a zero tolerance policy they want to implement and this seems promising but this has been used before to little effect and we still have problems.

It’s Malcolm Spencer who gets our vote here there though. His policy to empower local area commanders is by far the most detailed and realistic. Nothing will probably change but this policy is as good as it gets for making that drunk walk safer.

So if you’ve made it to the end and can be bothered to vote, The Tab would recommend Mr Malcolm Spencer. He’s got the experience and might be able to stop that hoodie from interrupting you as you take that drunk walk home. Though we’d like to bet nothing at all will probably change…

Do you think The Tab has got it right? Who are you going to vote for? Are you going to vote? Should we even have a Police and Crimes Commissioner? Leave a comment and let us know!