EXCLUSIVE: Words with top model Reece Sanders

The Tab talks to international model and cheeky chap Reece Sanders

He’s modelled for the likes of Christian Dior, Italian Vogue and was recently the face of Topman. But this quirky Nottingham boy hasn’t let it all go to his head! See what he had to say for himself when The Tab got the chance to interview him this week.

Reece modelling for James Long for Topman

Where were you spotted? And what was your reaction?

I was outside a tattoo parlor and I was so drunk, high and covered in blood when Cesar Perin ran over to tell me I had a beautiful face (I already knew that). My initial reaction was to tell him to do one, but after a brief chat I gave him my email address. Next thing I knew I was in Paris.

Were you in to fashion before becoming a model?

They call me ‘swagger don’ aha I’m joking. I liked to look fresh but I was certainly no Kris Van Assche (cheeky fashion joke).

Reece modelling for Dior Homme a/w 2012, Paris

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened whilst working?

It didn’t happen to me but my mate Lowell Tauchin was doing a photo shoot and his dresser was taking his trousers off whilst he was taking his jumper off. He managed to get himself tangled and stuck. At the same time the dresser pulled his trousers and pants down by accident. He proceeded to fall to his knees trapping the dressers hand whilst still tangled in the jumper leaving a pile of a naked Lowell lying on a very embarrassed dresser!

Most interesting person you’ve met?

I’ve met a few lost souls over my time who seem interesting. And I’m from Nottingham so most people there are ‘interesting’ to say the least. Aha errrmm… I’ll have to go with a model called Ben Smallwood! Just follow him on twitter or Instagram or something and you’ll understand.

Favorite designer or brand you’ve worked with and why?

I hate this question!!! I never want to say one brand in case someone reads it and takes offence (not like anyone cares what I actually say). I’m going to say Lanvin because Alber, the owner, is an absolute legend!!

Reece modelling for Lanvin, sping/summer ’13, Paris fashion week

What do you think has made you so successful?

Big ears… Definitely not my personality as I’m a bit of a knob. Erm… The fact I’m fucking sexy I’m going to go with!! I’m joking I don’t know there’s so many good traits about me.

What character in what film would be your ideal role?

Snoop Dogg’s role in Half Baked… Watch the film.

Favourite night out venue in Nottingham?

The Pilgrim. But Dive at Market Bar is always nuts with you lot.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a model?

Unemployed dope fiend.


Thanks to Reece for all his hilarious insider information. Check out our big-eared friend’s profile here.