To Kill A King @ Bodega

A marriage proposal in Hastings, a DLR takeover and a brick through a living room window in Birmingham- What could To Kill A King bring to Bodega?

On Monday, 29 October 2012 Bodega played host to the quite fantastic To Kill a King, supported by Longfellow and Lula. Before the gig Ralph and Ian from the band told The Tab, ‘We do seem to have a nice fan base in Nottingham, partly helped by when we did Dot to Dot, that was really good for us. Its got a good scene, we’ve always enjoyed it.’

The bands enjoyment was clearly on show and duly passed onto the modest but very devoted fans, with a set including ‘Fictional State’ and an inventive cover of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Maps’.

Acoustic encore

The finale however was truly brilliant. Returning for an encore with nothing but an acoustic guitar and the perfect harmony of their 5 voices, the band serenaded the audience at audience level. You could have heard a pin drop.

The great connection with their fans is what separates To Kill A King from other bands. Past guerrilla gigs have included taking over a carriage of the DLR in London, getting the living room windows smashed in by some angry neighbours at a living room gig in Birmingham and accommodating a marriage proposal in Hastings.

All in all, a superb performance from a skilled and passionate band. Highly recommended. To finish, a joke from the band themselves – how do you pay for a To Kill a King CD? With a cheque, mate. (That’s a joke about chess and an antiquated method of payment…)

A Hamlet reference and a chess joke – an intellectual bass drum.