New Building, New Name, New Theatre

Welcome back to the newly-named, newly-housed award-winning Nottingham New Theatre! An exciting season of 7 exciting shows awaits.

Nottingham New Theatre is set for the most exciting year in its history, thanks to a refurbished building and new name.

President Sam Hayward promises an epic Autumn selection, ‘ranging from well-known, large scale pieces to intensely dark smaller productions – and a healthy smattering of comedy in between.’

Work in progress

Here’s how the season shapes up:

Mercury Fur- 3rd-6th November (Trent Building PAS)

Set in London, in the not so distant future, where gangs prevail and memory has been wiped by the consumption of hallucinogenic butterflies, brothers Elliot and Darren survive by organising ‘parties’ where their clients most sadistic fantasies are realised. But it soon becomes clear that the success of one particular party will guarantee not just their safety, but their salvation.

The opening show of the season is guaranteed to push a few boundaries-  Director Nadia Amico told The Tab, ‘Mercury Fur predicts the future for misguided young adults. Like Lord of the Flies on acid.’ What more could you want?

The Memory of Water- 10th-13th November (Trent Building PAS)

“Someone dies, you drink whiskey. It’s normal, it’s a sedative, it’s what normal people do at abnormal times.” Three sisters; Teresa, Mary and Catherine, come together before their mothers funeral, each haunted by their own demons, each possessing different memories of the same events. Darkly comic, the play shows that even in traumatic times, humour can be found anywhere.

Hyper-realism and an outstanding cast, this is one to look forwards to. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also raising money to support Alzheimer’s charities as part of the production – a fantastic excuse to go see it!

Black Comedy- 14th-17th November (New Building Gala Opening!)

Black Comedy is a farce set entirely in pitch black dark, as a power cut leaves the audience the only ones not groping about in the dark. With soft drinks mixed up with alcohol bottles and priceless antiques left lying around, the power cut leads to chaos. Blind chaos.

The move into the new building will surely be in style with this hilarious 1960’s farce. When it’s light on stage, the actors think it’s dark – and when it’s dark, the actors think it’s light. Clever right?


‘Night Mother- 21th-24th November

Jessie’s father is dead, her absent son is a petty thief and following the breakup of her loveless marriage she has moved back in with her mother. Helpless and tired, one evening she asks for her fathers service revolver and calmly announces that she intends to kill herself.

Director Matt Wilks brings us a tragic female two-hander, something the Nottingham New Theatre has been very successful with in the past. He told The Tab to expect, ‘an immersive and highly realistic exploration of the mother-daughter relationship.’ 

1984- 28th Nov- 1st December

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Orwell’s classic novel follows Winston and Julia as they face the perils of rebelling against Big Brother’s totalitarian regime. Set in an industrial scaffolding amphitheatre, controlled by the eight-strong cast, a relationship is brutally ripped apart, a man tortured and reality becomes unknowable.

A huge revamping of the concept, director Bridie Rollins describes the production as, ‘A politically and theatrically daring project,’ creating a, ‘dystopian nightmare and a truly unsettling spectacle.’

Jerusalem- 5th-8th December

Join infamous scumbag Johnny Rooster Byron and a host of other outcasts as they fight back against their local village council. It’s the day of the annual village fete and Johnny’s just been evicted from his dilapidated caravan in the middle of the woods. Vivid characters. Fast-paced, anarchic dialogue. Awoodland set complete with a real smashed up caravan.

Director Peter Bradley describes the play as, ‘a devilish dark comedy. A mix of This Is England, Skins and Trainspotting.’ A perfect combination.

The Pillowman- 11th-14th December

In an unnamed police state, a writer has been arrested because the content of his stories bares a striking resemblance to a series of gruesome child murders. Interrogated by two brutal detectives, he claims to know nothing of such murders. But also in their custody is his younger, brain damaged brother, who perhaps knows more than he first lets on. A darkly comic thriller like no other.

The season ends in style with a NNT favourite- Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman – coinciding with his latest film release. This is surely not one to miss.

The NNT Autumn programme does not end here however, with their external UNCUT season starting on 12th November. Details to follow.