Acoustic Rooms @ Rescue Rooms

Jennie Gale unearths some new acoustic talent at one of Nottingham’s most underrated open-mic nights.

Monday, 15 October began with a presumed ‘quiet’ night at the Rescue Rooms to watch up and coming talent George Ezra take the stage.

Rescue Rooms on a Monday night is fantastic- It’s a far cry from the sweat box you’d encounter on your average ‘Dollop’ or ‘Stealth vs. Rescued’ night.

George Ezra

Firstly George Ezra – he’s one to watch. He was quite the solitary figure; alone with his guitar facing a fairly big crowd of music enthusiasts (and annoyingly, hecklers who needed a slap).

He seemed nervous, but in such an endearing way that actually complimented the gentle tones in his songs, which were folky and mellow.  He has the most amazingly distinctive voice: soulful with a raspy edge – you’d be able to identify him amongst a hundred other singers.

This was emphasised by his minimal use of his guitar; it was all about the voice, and it was brilliant with highlights including, ‘Angry Hill’ and, ‘It’s Just My Skin’.

Innovative- Adam Peter Smith

With a tough act to follow, came 22-year-old Adam Peter Smith whose dexterity with his guitar made him another favourite from the evening. He used his guitar as more than one instrument.

Think Ed Sheeran – though as he told The Tab, ‘less ginger, more class’. He told us his main influences were John Mayer and Paolo Nutini, evident in his light and catchy tones.

He distanced himself from the stars claiming that he wasn’t interested in fame or recognition, but instead played for the love of music…

He was another great find for the evening, and will be returning to the Rescue Rooms on the 29th of October.

UoN’s very own Hugh Gunningham

Lastly the adorable Hugh Gunningham, a mechanical engineering student at Nottingham. Although only 19 years old, he had the vulnerability of someone much younger.

His lyrics were incredibly accessible, and spoke of home in an honest and open fashion.  In his song, ‘Halifax’, he sings, ‘home is where the heart is, it’s where you wanna be.’

The delicate, lyrical tones of his guitar perfectly played off his sweet demeanour and memorable lyrics, and his bluesy style was a perfect way to round off the evening. He told The Tab that he regularly busks, and can be seen at Columbus Street in town on a Saturday or Sunday.

However, if a formal setting is more to your tastes he plays regularly at both the Rescue Rooms and The Greyhound in Beeston.

All in all, a successful night for The Tab. Acoustic Rooms at Rescue Rooms is on every Monday at Rescue Rooms and in the past has included sets from local stars Jake Bugg and Dog Is Dead. And it’s completely free.