Notts gets legless….

Knights of Westeros, Dirty Scrabble, and unbelievable amounts of alcohol: 7Legged does charity right.

After 6,500 students took to the streets last night for this year’s 7Legged, memories are hazy and heads are spinning. However being the kind newspaper that we are, we’ve been doing a bit of digging through the gossip to give you, the poor hung over sod reading this, a bit of some of the stuff you might have been too battered to remember.

One lad was hospitalised after a group of Where’s Wallies charged in to an unsuspecting group of ‘slutty smurfs’, sustaining ‘a very nasty sprain’.

In Up N Down Under, Jack Turner worryingly remembers seeing gangs of wispy haired old men in tracksuits accompanied by schoolgirls and chants of “Jimmy Saville, he shags who he likes”.


In Victoria Square, one saw a team in cardboard armour do battle with Jedi Knights. Meanwhile in BZR, good feelings were soured after one reveller popped the balloon boob of another and a fight broke out by the bar leading to an early night for one of the burly transvestites.

M (21) was found wearing nothing but his boxers on Lenton Boulevard after losing his Mario Kart suit and his teammates. He claims not to remember much after Cucamara, and that Rock City was a complete blackout.

According to Twitter, one girl panicked and spent £100 on an emergency locksmith after coming home without her keys, only to find them in her bra when she woke up.

So readers, did you get up to anything hilarious? Wake up next to someone weird? Let us know in the comment box below…