My 7 Legged Stabbing

Bar crawl stab victim recalls unprokoved attack one year on

Looking forward to dressing up like a complete set of muppets and parading around town in all your glory tonight? Who isn’t?

Yet while many of us will remember 7 Legged for all the right reasons, one female student has told how she suffered an unprovoked stabbing on the bar crawl last year.

7 Legged showcases the best fancy dress

The student, who The Tab has agreed to keep anonymous, was left with a deep wound in her leg after a gang of girls – who were not part of 7 Legged – attacked her group.

She told The Tab: “The nurse said it had to be a knife wound because it was far too deep. At the time I thought it was the stiletto that one of the girls kicked me with but it wasn’t until I got home that I realised that the wound was much deeper.”

When asked if she thought the incident was a result of them clearly being UoN students, she replied: “It might have been, I don’t know why else they would have attacked us. I hadn’t seen the group of girls in my life. But I heard from a few people that a group of girls had attacked other students that same night so it seems likely that they were out looking for students.”

She said police were unable to solve the incident, one of 300 last year.

“It never really felt like it had happened because it was all over so quickly…We were advised to make a report to the police, but they said that because there was no CCTV there was nothing they could do.”

“It could have happened on any night and it isn’t stopping me going this year.”

Well it isn’t stopping her so don’t let it stop you. Keep your wits about you (as always) but more importantly enjoy yourself in your matching garb.


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