We Know What You Watched Last Summer…

Randy uni staff surfed porn 200 times a day while you were on holiday…find out all the details

Randy staff watched porn on campus 200 times a day while you were on holiday, The Tab can reveal.

A dirty dossier uncovers thousands of visits to well-known smut sites in July and August this year.

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show academics and guests  churned through an average of 1500 pages of porn EVERY DAY.

Redtube racked up 5000 visits from uni staff

Based on industry-standard estimates, that means 212 individual daily trips to websites like XVideos and Porn Hub.

Campus internet is used by staff during the summer holidays, as well as conferencing delegates who stay in university rooms.

RedTube was the randy researchers’ favourite, with approximately 5,000 visits over the holidays. And LiveJasmin – a webcam site where users watch each other performing sex acts – was visited five times a day.


Site Pages viewed July and August Estimated visits Estimated daily visits
1. Redtube 35470 5067


2. Xvideos 16434 2348


3. XHamster 10297 1471


4. Pornhub 10280 1469


5. YouJizz 8807 1258


6. Tube8 3587 512


7. YouPorn 3349 478


8. LiveJasmin 2339 334


9. Spankwire 1149 164


TOTAL 91712 13101 212

Nottingham University said employees caught watching porn at work could be sacked.

A spokesman said: “All staff are required to agree to a code of practice governing computer use when they take up a post at the University – this code forbids the creation or transmission of offensive, obscene or indecent images on the University network. Students are also required to abide by this.

“Breaches are taken very seriously by the University and staff found to be contravening the code of practice are subject to a range of disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Students found to be contravening the code of practice can be subject to a Senate disciplinary committee, which has a range of sanctions at its disposal.

Forbidden..visits to XVideos could see staff sacked

The University stressed the figures included wi-fi internet use on personal computers and devices inside campus.


The Tab asked the University for the total number of pages viewed from its internet connection of each of the world’s top nine hardcore video hubs.

The University’s response asked us to divide the raw figures by five to get an accurate number of page views. All figures in this story reflect that request.

Assuming an industry average of seven page views per visit, we calculated 212 daily visits to the sites.

The true figures could be higher, as our investigation only covered the most popular porn destinations in the world.